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Education & Awareness Work – Local

In accordance with our mission statement, BMCRif has been working in raising awareness about the Barbary macaque both locally and internationally this year.

During the last few months, Sonia and Ahmed have worked very hard delivering a conservation education lesson to several schools in the project area. They talk about the macaques and the work of BMCRif and also give a lesson to the children on the forest’s role in the water cycle.

This initiative has received huge support from the education authorities and teaching staff in every school visited. In fact we are overwhelmed with requests to visit other schools outside the project area but due to time and funding constraints we need to focus on the villages close to macaque habitat for now and expand the education work in the future.

Sonia’s ideas have gone down really well with the kids and include making monkey masks and collecting rubbish to recycle as materials for art lessons. In one school the children wore their monkey masks until they fell apart!