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In spring 2017, we will be in a position to begin designing and constructing an assessment centre for Barbary macaques confiscated from the illegal pet trade. We are looking for a volunteer available in the spring to plan and supervise construction of the indoor and outdoor enclosures. We will need to be as flexible as possible regarding indoor space, and a crush cage will be necessary. We do not intend to house macaques long term but to assess them in regards to their future, which may be long term captivity or possible release to wild groups.

We will be able to provide accommodation and subsistence and one return airfare between London-Tangier. We envisage at least 6 weeks’ work involved in the construction, but this may take longer (because everything does in the remote area where we are based). If you are interested, please contact sian@barbarymacaque.org with details of your experience in exhibit design and overseeing construction.