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New Projects

We are getting to know the whereabouts of many of the macaque groups of Bouhachem thanks to our local shepherd friends. One of these is Abuleela (right) who is from the village of Slalem. Abduleela has helped us locate a number of groups in the forest above his village. One day, however, he appeared with a horribly swollen hand which the medical staff had failed to treat in the nearest town because they had no medical supplies. We immediately took him to Tetouan where he had a large bot worm removed from between his fingers. Abduleela’s hand was very painful and infected, and the doctor told us he could have lost his hand if he had had to wait much longer for treatment. This demonstrates the lack of medical help available for the people of Bouhachem and has given us the idea of offering first aid courses to carefully selected female villagers in the area. This will at least give them some training of what to do in an emergency as the area is very remote and few people have vehicles. Ahmed will train the shepherds in mountaineer’s First Aid as their situation is somewhat different to that of the villagers. We are currently developing a proposal for this project so if you have any advice or can offer any help, equipment or funds then please do get in touch with us. This project will not only help the people of Bouhachem but will increase their awareness of the macaques and the indirect benefits the macaques can bring them.