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Sian Waters - BMAC UK
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BMAC runs educational campaign to warn Moroccan tourists and people travelling to Morocco to not have their picture taken with Barbary macaques or any wild animal. We use a diverse range of media, from printed materials to social media such as Facebook and Instagram where we have an audience still growing and an engaged community.

Facebook banner


We designed a banner for social media and invited every supporter to replace his Facebook cover with this banner to help us raise awareness. We had good results as the banner has been viewed and shared. The banner can be uploaded on our website : http://www.barbarymacaque.org/index.php/index.php/publications/facebook-banner/

Responsible tourist flyer


We designed a flyer in arabic to warn morrocans about the use of Barbary macaques as photo props and invite them to be a responsible tourist by not having their photograph taken with a monkey. The flyer can be uploaded here : http://www.barbarymacaque.org/index.php/index.php/publications/responsible-tourist-flyer/