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Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation is building a conservation and education centre in northern Morocco to deliver the closely connected aims of raising awareness, supporting the local community, and ensuring a safe future for Barbary macaques in the wild. Located in a village near the forest of Bouhachem, the centre will have purpose-built areas for environmental education lessons, sustainable livelihood training, school visits and accommodation for visiting research students and experts.


education-barbary-macaque1The centre is also a great tool for environmental education and awareness about the Barbary macaque situation. Through communication with individuals, associations and schools, we will explain the risks inherent in having a wild animal such as a Barbary macaque as a pet, and the detriment to the animals, individually and as a species. We will also inform people about the importance of preserving the species in its natural environment.


We will also have accomodation for visiting research students and experts.

Through this project, our mission is to provide the best awareness possible about the Barbary macaques, the only primate of Morocco, as we work to ensure the species’ survival in the wild. We use education as the main tool to promote community engagement and maintain the protection of Barbary macaques and their habitats.






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