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In a busy week for the BMAC team, we’ve made some great progress with our education and awareness programmes, in Morocco and beyond. On 20th May, Kenza, Ahmed, Lucy and Mohammed visited Taliamine school to deliver a lesson on Barbary macaques and forest conservation. Taliamine is a village very close to Barbary macaque habitat in Bouhachem, and therefore one of the key recipients of our education programme. Kenza gave a fantastic presentation about Barbary macaques – explaining their habitat, behaviour and why they’re so special – and then the whole team helped the class make monkey masks.

Masks in Taliamine



The final stage of the lesson was the introduction of a new game that simulates deforestation and its impact on forest ecosystems. Wearing their monkey masks, and with a couple of children wearing wild boar and porcupine masks, the class really enjoyed the game and were very enthusiastic about acting like the animals they were portraying.

Education game

We also had a great week for recruiting volunteers to our new Ambassadors scheme. We now have three new ambassadors for Morocco, and a further two for the UK. This will enable us to spread our conservation message even further, and we are very excited to welcome these new members to the BMAC team.