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We fight the illegal wildlife trade in Morocco by raising awareness and developing conservation initiatives that are inclusive, fair and sustainable.  We mobilise public opinion, support the authorities in wildlife confiscations and rehabilitate and release wildlife.



We use social and natural science research methods to develop practical, people-friendly conservation strategies that work. Starting in our primary study area in Bouhachem, north Morocco, almost 10 years ago, we have built strong relationships with the people who share the forest with Barbary macaques. Without their knowledge and support, we would be unable to succeed.

Field work

Our field work is based in the forest of Bouhachem, the last stronghold of truly wild Barbary macaques in Morocco. In the field, we monitor macaque populations and, with the help of local shepherds, take notes on what they eat and their whereabouts in the forest.

Strategies for pro-conservation behaviour change

In addition to our field work, we run education initiatives for children and adults and work with local authorities to enforce confiscation of illegally caught Barbary macaques. We believe in working closely with local communities for truly inclusive conservation. To this end, one of our major current projects is the completion of a conservation and education centre where we will be able to train people in sustainable agriculture, basic healthcare and domestic animal welfare and health.

Our projects

Check out our Projects page for details on all our past and current initiatives, pictures of our work in progress, and inspiration about ways you can support us and the Barbary macaques.