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The Monkey Bus has been our faithful partner since the start, but forest conditions can be harsh on even the toughest of vehicles. One of our major costs is fuel for the Monkey Bus, which averages at about €200 per week in our busiest periods.


The Monkey Bus was born in 1997. It is a Land Rover Defender (long wheel base). The BMAC team bought it in 2009 with a donation from the Mohamed bin Zayed Endangered Species Fund. Since we got it, it has been customised and painted, repaired many times, and has helped us in many situations!


Why is the Monkey Bus important ?

Having reliable transport is essential for ensuring our work in protecting the Endangered Barbary macaque can continue. The Monkey Bus enables us to carry out all our work, from transporting confiscated macaques and vultures so they can be released into the wild to surveying and monitoring populations of macaques. The Monkey Bus has also to transport bricks and other building materials to the conservation and education centre that we are building in Bouhachem.

If the Monkey Bus is off the road then we will be unable to visit village schools or to provide advice and support to our BMAC shepherds as they protect macaque groups, and we will not be able to react to information about Barbary macaques being held illegally.

The Monkey Bus in the forest and visiting a school.

The Monkey Bus in the forest and visiting a school.

Help us Keep the Monkey Bus Moving!

We have been struggling for funding for a few months now, and despite some very generous people donating to help us continue our work we are down to our last few dirham. The Monkey Bus has her road safety test very soon, which we cannot pay for, and we will also struggle to afford  her annual insurance.

what we need

Ensure the Monkey Bus can keep moving so we can:

– Continue our education and awareness work
– Support and assist our BMAC shepherd monitors
– Continue our survey work in the region
– Support the authorities in confiscating illegally held macaques
– Develop our ecotourism program

We need your help !


Every donation, no matter how small, will help us to keep the Monkey Bus moving. By making a donation to BMAC, you contribute to save the Endangered Barbary macaque from going extinct.

Sponsor the Monkey Bus

Sponsor BMAC

BMAC is very grateful for support from any sponsors interested in working with us. If your company (4×4 club, travel agency or tour company) would be interested in sponsoring our NGO, nationally or locally, please contact us to find out more.

You can sponsor us by:

– providing us material (equipment, parts of the vehicle, tyres, oil…)
– financial contribution: €500 for the annual insurance, €250 for the road safety test, €100 / month to contribute to fuel costs.

Sponsor the Monkey Bus and we will:

– Put your name, or the name of your company or organisation, on the side of the vehicle.
– Send you a photograph recognising your support of Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation.
– Mention your company in our communication tools (blog, social media, flyers and more).

We will also give you regular updates on our projects by email, recognition on the website, and, if you ever visit North Morocco, we will be happy to take you for a day in the forest to give you the chance to observe wild Barbary macaques.

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Supporters who already contributed :


Contact us!